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Health Innovation

South Africa, Pretoria

Our mother company in Germany has been developing and implementing concepts for corporate and private health consulting for the last 15 years. Our focus on providing health solutions is based on a unique systemized approach to all facets of health. For that reason the Physiotherapy Department at the University of Pretoria recently conducted a scientific study in conjunction with us to evaluate the positive effects that Nordic Walking has on balance and fitness of Sub-Acute Stroke Patients.

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Germany, Bochum

The scientific interests are in the evolution of galaxies with a specialization in the interstellar medium in spiral galaxies. This particular topic requires to use observations in almost all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and thus optical and radio telescopes all over the world as well as astronomical satellites such as the Hubble Space Telescope or the XMM-Newton Observatory have been used are being used.

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Namibia, Swakopmund

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Human Capital Development


TermNet, the International Network for Terminology, is an international co-operation forum for companies, universities, institutions and associations who engage in the further development of the global terminology market. The products and services of this market are considered and promoted by TermNet as integral and quality assuring parts of any product and service in the areas of a) information & communication, b) classification & categorization as well as c) translation & localization.TermNet was founded on the initiative of UNESCO, with the aim to establish a network for co-operation in the field of terminology. In 1988, TermNet was registered as a non-profit organization being allowed commercial activities for the benefit of its members.

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